Breast Cancer Awareness Month is not only about raising awareness, it’s also about spreading awareness on the options available for patients who experience the side effects of the disease.
Total hair loss is a possible side effect of chemotherapy – which is a common drug used to treat many cancers.  I thought I would share this testimonial from a long-time client of ours who started experiencing total hair loss at a very young age,  and has been a part of our family ever since…

“I have had some form of Alopecia since I was 7 years old, and completely hairless since 1995 my senior year of HS.  I found Tom Magliaro’s Hair Restoration when I was 19 years old and it was the best self confidence boost I could ever have been given.  karenb4after

The hair systems are unbelievably natural looking and fit so smoothly. There are no bulky seams or edges, and I can wear my hair in just about any color/style…even a ponytail, my favorite!  I can finally look normal and feel beautiful!  The staff, well they are just AMAZING!  They  genuinely care about my needs and are eager to achieve a look that I absolutely love!  Although I am a client, from the beginning they have made me feel like a member of their family with a professional level of care.  I now live north of Austin, about 3 hours away.  Although my visits are a bit more spread out,  I will always be a client and huge fan of Tom Magilaro’s Hair Additions”

-Karen Sorensen

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