A Message from the Owner, Tom Magliaro


Nothing lasts forever! Not the Houston summers! Not the struggles we endure! And not the hair on your head! We can’t always control all of these phenomena — and yet in Houston we don’t feel it, autumn has arrived. there are always life’s struggle, but my latest scans show I am cancer-free (yahoooo!) I am immensely grateful for my renewed energy and health!

As for the hair on your head, well, if you haven’t done something about that, I can say with certainty, you will continue to lose it! If that matters to you — if having hair on your head affects the way you feel about your appearance, then please do something about it! We have so many options for you to choose from.

Laser! Laser! Laser! I can’t say enough about the amazing results people are experiencing with our new Capillus Laser Cap, and the ease and convenience of using it. Some of our staff members walk around the office wearing it as they work. And it is good for every member of the household as it not only stimulates regrowth of hair for people who are beginning to lose it, it improves the health of everyone’s hair. You can wear it while you cook, clean, watch TV, study, nap, drive to or from work….. There is no way you can not find 30 minutes two or three times a week to wear it!                                                    

And for those who wear another form of hair replacement, the laser can still enhance and help retain the hair you do have on the sides and back. I now know from personal experience how important that little bit of hair I did have (before my chemo treatments) was in helping my hair system look so natural. So it’s essential to keep your existing hair intact.

Obviously, people with no hair at all have greater difficulty with creating a natural appearance since there is no existing hair to blend the system into. That said, because of my particular needs, I had my staff members almost pulling their own hair out to figure out how to keep me looking good. There is such an integral relationship between looking good and feeling good. I can say with great confidence that we’ve created the absolute best chemo hair system that I’ve ever seen.

My hair has to look good all the time. Like it or not, wherever I go, people are looking at my hair as an example of what we can do for them. Sometimes, yes, it feels like my head is under the lens of a microscope. So I am undoubtedly, more of a perfectionist than almost all of my clients. There was nothing in the market that satisfied me, so…….we created this expressly for me.

Please call and come in to find out all about our take-home lasers, newest chemo hair systems, and all that we have to offer. We are constantly researching, growing, and improving to provide you with the best there is to give you a hairier life!



Tom Magliaro



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