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The Approach to Healthy Summer Hair

Here comes the sun…GET YOUR HAIR READY FOR IT!


Summer is quickly approaching so we thought we would share our approach to keeping your hair gorgeous in the upcoming warmer weather!

Health begins on the inside, so naturally, the number one step toward healthy hair is to make sure that what you are putting into your body does not reflect badly in your hair.

During the heat of summer you may find your hair drying out, frizzing out, flipping out and otherwise skipping out on beauty, so for starters-stay hydrated! Drink lots of water! This will keep moisture accessible to your stressed tresses. Experts suggest that we all drink 1/2 of our body weight in ounces every single day. Not only will this keep your hair healthy, but it is extremely beneficial for your skin as well.

The next step toward beautiful, cooperative hair is to protect it from drying out. Here are a few tips.

  • Wash with a gentle shampoo.
    • Most shampoos contain ingredients that will strip your hair of its natural oils. These oils are your body’s natural way of keeping your hair healthy and shiny. They keep the moisture from escaping from the hair strand. When hair is moisturized, there is less chance of breakage, which causes frizz and dullness.
  • Wash it less frequently or purchase a shower filter.
    • If you don’t have your own personal well, then most likely you are showering in chemically treated water. This water contains chlorine and sometimes even ammonia. The more you wash it, the more you strip those natural, protecting, moisturizing oils out of your hair, just from your water. This leaves your hair desperately thirsty and consequently dry, frizzy, brittle. Use pure water with a pure shampoo!
  • Don’t be afraid of conditioner.
    • Always use a good quality conditioner after shampooing your hair. This helps balance your hair which will also keep your hair from losing its natural moisture. Especially for those with longer hair, consider leaving a little conditioner in your hair by not rinsing the conditioner all the way out. (Make sure your scalp is rinsed clear if you have any tendency towards oiliness.) The majority of conditioners on the market use silicones, waxes and/or buffers to counteract the harsh ingredients in their shampoo to make your hair feel & appear soft & shiny, but this is only a cover-up, like a bandage on a wound, rather than truly healthy hair from the inside out.
    • Pamper yourself now and then with a deep conditioning treatment, making sure to deeply massage your treatment of choice into your scalp for at least 60 seconds & perhaps leaving it in overnight.

When it comes to an activity which will inevitably cause some damage to your hair – such as going to the pool or the beach – prepare accordingly.

  • Dry hair is like a dry sponge. If you put it in water it will soak up everything, including chlorine and other chemicals, until there’s no space for more. However, if your hair is already saturated with something good, it will not be able to soak up nearly as much chlorine, salt water, or whatever you may be putting your hair into. So hop into the shower before you hop into the pool and soak your hair. As an extra measure, apply a little leave-in conditioner before you dive in.


  • Hair exposed to the sun and wind will become naturally dried out, become extremely tangled, causing the need to brush it more. So protect your hair when going to the beach.
    • Wear a hat or a hair scarf to protect it from the sun.
    • Contain it by braiding it or putting it up in a low bun to keep the wind from, literally, tearing it up.
    • Try rinsing your hair immediately after coming in from a sunny adventure, followed by a nice 30-second scalp massage. Massaging the scalp exfoliates the dead cells and brings circulation back to your scalp, promoting healthy new growth, and helping to eliminate product build-up. The bonus feature is that it feels amazing!

Using these simple hints, you can fearlessly bask in the beautiful summer sun with hair that’s ready for it!


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Tips to Bigger, Sexier Hair

Here are some helpful hints to get you thicker and fuller looking hair…

1. Add Layers for Lift

A cut with lots of layers will appear fuller, and if you don’t want to have layers all over, just get them in the front so the pieces around your face have movement.

2. Find the Right Styling Formulas and Products

To get major volume, use root lifting products or mousse for texture and to plump up strands. Products with keratin amino acids and wheat proteins are always good. Avoid shine sprays, frizz serums, and waxes. Anything silicone-based is a no-no, since it weighs down your hair.

3. Condition With Caution

Deep conditioning and hair masks are important – but only if you have damage from chemical processing or color treatment. Use conditioner sparingly,as it can weigh hair down. If your hair is relatively healthy, you can get away with using conditioner just from the mid-shaft to the ends. Also, a weekly wash with a clarifying shampoo can help remove any build-up of styling products that may be weighing hair down.

4. Be a Tease

Teasing, also known as back-combing, is a foolproof way to create more volume, and working the technique at the crown will give any style more lift. To tease, take a one to two inch section of hair and comb it towards the roots with a fine tooth comb or boar bristle brush. A teased crown adds fullness to half-up dos, twists, and ponytails. A high ponytail as an easy shortcut for those craving more volume.

5. Create Some Curl

For lift that lasts from morning to night, try setting hair in large curls. After blow-drying, loosely loop a two to three inch section of hair into a large curl and pin or set it in large rollers to let it cool while you’re doing your makeup.

Or, wrap your roots around a wide barrel curling iron for a few seconds. For the most lift at the roots, get the iron as close to the scalp as you can without burning yourself.

For more information on healthier or hair loss, visit or call 713-838-1880 to schedule a free consultation.
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