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More about Non-Surgical Solutions for Women

For most women, hair is much more than a physical attribute – it’s a part of who you are. We offer women the most natural looking solutions for all types of hair loss, from site specific solutions for thinnning hair to total coverage solutions for hair loss caused by alopecia or chemotherapy.

You Are Not Alone

If your hair loss has left you feeling self-conscious and worried, know that you are not alone. 1 in every 4 women suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. Majority of women suffer from hair loss caused by androgentic alopecia, or genetic hair loss, but the causes range from hormones to stress to medications or illness. For females, finding the best solution for a specific cause can be difficult and often frustrating at times.

Experiencing thinning hair or hair loss of any kind also has the power to affect more than just physical appearance. Hair loss can effect a large part of a woman’s identity and her self-confidence. Experiencing hair loss can cause a person to become more and more self-conscious and in some cases depressed.


Amazing Results

Until recently, the available options for women were limited to wigs or topical treatments originally intended for male pattern baldness.

Hair grafting is a non-surgical procedure that uses a site specific method of hair integration allowing us to re-create any hair style prior to hair loss. Individually made per hair loss situation, the hair “grafts” or “systems” can match any length, color, density and even texture; ensuring a natural and virtually undetectable addition to your lifestyle.


Call our clinic to schedule a free hair loss consultation to find out if our non-surgical solutions are right for you! Call 713-838-1880, or visit for more information.

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Non-Surgical vs. Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

We’ve been talking a lot lately about our advanced surgical solutions for hair loss, but we don’t want to forget about what brought this company into fruition in the first place… non-surgical hair restoration.

Our non-surgical procedure is a safe and effective way to restore the look, style and feel of any hair style before it was lost. The advancements in products over the years have made this a solution for ALL types of hair loss, so everyone is a candidate.

What is it?

Using state of the art technology, our custom, human hair systems allow us to recreate any hair style prior to hair loss or thinning hair. These “hair systems” are nothing like the toupees and wigs of the past – they are like an undetectable second skin; a porous membrane that looks like your real scalp, holds hair like your real scalp and is treated like hair growing from your own scalp. The skin-like base material feels natural to the touch and is virtually invisible to the eye. Our solutions are hand-made and use 100% human hair to match the color, texture and even density of any hair type.



How Does it Work?

This non-surgical procedure starts by meeting with an experienced, trained professional to create your customized order. The hair system is then integrated and blended with your own hair, creating a completely natural look.

Once completed, you treat the hair just like you would your natural, growth hair. You can brush and style it any way you’d like, go to the gym and workout, you can even go swimming or get in the ocean. We also have solutions that allow for a gradual, subtle transition; so your hair restoration draws no attention to others.




Interest-free monthly payments available.


For more information visit, or call 713-838-1880 to book your free consultation today.

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Beard Hair Transplantation

Like we’ve mentioned before, our surgeon, Dr. Daniel McGrath, performs many state-of-the-art hair restoration procedures. Here is YET ANOTHER procedure he can provide to men who are not happy with the appearance of their facial hair…


Jeremy is 41 years old. All his adult life he hated NOT being able to grow a full beard. His did have some beard, but extremely thin and fine. He did not see in the mirror what he wanted to see!

Jeremy before beard hair transplantion

Jeremy before beard hair transplantation


Dr. McGrath has changed his life so much he was willing to share his photos with others looking for a facial hair specialist. Here is Jeremy only 8 months after the procedure. He is so happy with the results he spent the money on a professional photographer and is building a portfolio and pursuing a modeling career. (See Jeremy with his full new beard below.)

Jeremy with a full beard. 6 months after his beard hair transplant

Jeremy after beard hair transplantation

For more information on facial hair restoration or to see if you’re a candidate, call 713-838-1880.

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