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Natural Tips for Healthier Hair

National hair loss awareness month is almost over but before it is I wanted to share with you a few tips for healthier, more beautiful hair! 


  • Brush your hair thoroughly at night

There’s a reason for the old wives tale to brush your hair 100 times a night; it’s very beneficial to hair health. Brushing your hair with a good quality brush from root to tip distributes your hair’s natural oils down the hair shaft and makes hair shinier, more manageable, and less prone to breakage. In fact you might be able to eliminate some hair-care products if you devoted time to brush the 100 strokes as recommended. Be sure you start your brushing at the bottom of your hair, and gradually work your way up; this will allow you to gently remove and tangles until you’re just smoothly brushing from root to tip.

  • Use a boar bristle brush

Boar bristle brushes are more expensive than synthetic brushes, but they are densely packed on the brush and last for years. This dense construction is the secret to their being able to remove dirt, dust, and debris from hair and move your natural oils along the hair shaft, essentially giving the hair a bit of cleaning without the shampoo (you’ll want to clean your boar bristle brush regularly because of this). Boar bristle brushes have tough but flexible bristles that are wonderful for taming and smoothing even curly hair. And don’t worry, they won’t rip your hair out as long as you start at the bottom and slowly move your way up until you can stroke smoothly from root to tip.

  • Police your commercial shampoo

Many shampoos you buy at the store contain toxic ingredients, and don’t be fooled if the word “natural” appears on the bottle. The word “natural” is not regulated, and anyone can use the word no matter what the product contains. Artificial and drying scents, artificial colors and harmful detergents can damage hair, necessitating the purchase of additional “product” to fix that damage. Ingredients like sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, and benzyl benzoate (and similar) are just a few of the common shampoo ingredients that have been linked to cancer, skin irritation, and even birth defects.

  • Deep condition once a week

A deep conditioner improves hair manageability and shine while decreasing breakage; it’s easy and can be incorporated in with household tasks. Simply take about 1/4 cup of a favorite oil (olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, etc) and heat it until it is warm to the touch but not too hot to handle with your hands. Once it is warm, saturate your hair with it, from root to tip, using your fingers. Don’t be shy about it, you’ll be washing it out later. Place all your hair on the top of your head, wrap your head in plastic wrap or don a shower cap, and then wrap your whole head in a towel. The plastic and towel will trap the heat around your head, and allow the oils to penetrate the hair shaft. Ideally you want to leave it sit for a few hours, but even 30 minutes will help. When the time is up, wash as usual. You may need to wash twice to remove all the oil.

  • Add protein for frizzy hair

If your hair is especially frizzy, substitute the hot oil treatment with a protein mask once a week. Mix the yolk of two eggs with a bit of warm water (not hot, you don’t want to cook the eggs). Using your fingers, massage this into your scalp and hair shaft. Wrap your head in plastic wrap or a shower cap, and then wrap your head in a towel. Leave this sit in your hair for an hour, then rinse in warm to cool water (again, you don’t want to cook the egg). You can also use a mix of bananas and avocados for this, or mayonnaise, which is just egg and oil.

  • Eat for your hair

Your hair is a barometer of health–if your hair is dull and lifeless it could mean that your body is as well. In the past people ate food that was as close to the earth as possible and we should, too. Nutrition from the full color spectrum ensures that you are getting the vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy hair. A balanced diet, including healthy oils for essential fatty acids, is important for hair health and shine. Make sure you are eating on a regular basis foods such as salmon, walnuts, and yogurt, sweet potatoes, spinach, blueberries, and more daily to get levels of protein, zinc, vitamins, and minerals needed for happy locks.




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August Is National Hair Loss Awareness Month!

National Hair Loss Awareness Month was established by the American Academy of Dermatology to raise awareness about the treatable condition that affects millions of men and women in America.

In honor of this nationally recognized month, I thought I would share some information on our laser hair therapy treatment which will treat and control your hair loss:

Our Low Level Laser Therapy – 3 Step Program. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Scalp Stimulation – The first step in our process consists of a scalp treatment and massage, which relaxes the scalp and allows blood to flow and circulate more effectively. This step lays the groundwork for future treatments, as it makes your scalp a more receptive environment for Laser Therapy and the application of our pharmaceutical-quality shampoos and rinses.

Step Two: Alpha Laser Treatment – The next step utilizes one of the most technologically advanced cold lasers available: the Alpha Laser. This treatment is medically tested and approved for treating thinning and damaged hair.

Step Three: Pharmaceutical-Quality Products -The final step in our process to stimulate hair growth is the application of pharmaceutical-quality products. These products were formulated to optimize the healing process by delivering the nutrients and vitamins necessary to maintain and optimize the work done by the Alpha Laser.





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Way Back Wednesday!

Wow…how time flies!! Check out this article in the Houston Chronicle from 1993 featuring our company!!

news article CROP



I am so fortunate to be able to look back at articles like this and see how far we have come and how much we still continue to grow! Visit our website at to see how much our company and line of work has progressed in 12 years!! Now offering ALL proven solutions for hair loss call our office today at 713-838-1880 to book your complimentary hair and scalp diagnosis today!!

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Supporting Eden

eden new

Meet Eden-a 10 year old patient at Texas Children’s Hospital who has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has completed her first cycle of treatments. We were so excited to help Eden and show our support by giving her a beautiful new head of hair!

To help support Eden go to







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**We want to continue to support Eden during her treatments. If you follow us on instagram we will donate $1 per follower to Eden’s foundation!!!**





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