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Breast Cancer Awarenes Month Cont.

Medical Hair Loss Options – Covered By Insurance

From family members and close friends to neighbors and acquaintances -everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer.

After a diagnosis, the lists of necessities that require financial attention are endless. Patients are already under emotional strain, and may be unaware that some of their needs, aside from medical help, may be covered by insurance.  When chemotherapy is the prescribed treatment for the diagnosis, a common side-effect is total hair loss for the patient.  Though, often temporary, this adds enormous stress to thepatient’s psyche. Typically, the only option a patient considers for this is an uncomfortable, heavy, hot synthetic wig, which neither looks nor feels natural…



TMHair now offers an advanced hair replacement solution for those patients recently diagnosed that not only looks and feels totally natural – but can be covered by medical insurance.     

We can re-create the hair style the patient had prior to chemo treatments; from matching the color, density and even texture of the strands. The prosthesis is customized and made to fit the prescription of each patient’s unique scalp. Unlike a synthetic wig off the shelf, it is hand-made with real, human hair and treated like the natural hair that was lost. The patient can shower, wash and style the hair as if it were their own – they can even go swimming or go to the gym.

During a free, private consultation, an onsite consultant will show the patient how to find out what their insurance provider will cover as it varies per individual policy. 

For more information on medical hair loss and solutions, go to

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KPRC Channel 2 News Story – Laser Therapy Helps Stop Hair Loss

KPRC-Channel 2 news anchor Rachel McNeill came to the office last month to shoot a story on our new laser program. The story aired on Monday, Oct. 13th during the morning news – check out the segment below…

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HOUSTON – Hair is often considered our crowing glory.  But, more than 80 million men and women know that sinking feeling when they see hair falling our in the shower or on our hairbrush.

A new FDA approved treatment is stopping hair loss in its tracks and promoting new hair growth.

Rice University graduate and former NFL player Ryan Pontbriand started hearing remarks about his hair loss on the sidelines. Pontbriand told Local 2, “After the game, people would tell me how they were up in the stands and they could see my hair loss and after a couple of those comments, I decided to keep my helmet on.”ryanfootball1

Pontbriand came to Tom Magliaro’s Hair Restoration Clinic to try FDA cleared Low Level Laser Therapy Treatments.  Pontbriand said, “I was willing to do anything.”

TMHair President Tom Magliaro said, ” We can stop hair loss in 90 percent of the cases and an additional 80 percent actually grow additional hair.” Magliaro said a good candidate for the cool laser is someone whose hair loss began within the last six to eight years. He explained, “It stimulates a lot of blood flow in the scalp area when then allows the debris around the follicle like testosterone, DHT (dihydrotestosterone), other hormones; it dissolves them and opens up the follicles so hair can grow through the follicle.”

Magliaro said clients start noticing a change in hair texture and less hair loss within about 90 days.

Pontbriand said, “The thing that I notice right off the bat was that my hair loss wasn’t getting worse, so I’m hoping in the future I’ll get some new growth. I’ve seen new growth under the microscope which is promising.” It’s painless and has no side effects.

Magliaro told Local 2, “This is the most exciting thing that I’ve ever experienced in my profession, in my career that we can actually say to someone who’s beginning to lose hair, ‘Don’t worry! Come in. Let us stop your hair loss!'”

TMHair offers payment plans and free consultations.


For more information on the causes and solutions of hair loss, visit

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Medical Hair Loss – Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness month is not only about spreading awareness, it’s about spreading knowledge on the options available for patients who experience side effects of the disease.
Total hair loss is a possible side effect of chemotherapy – a common drug used to treat many cancers. I thought I would share this quote from a long time client of ours who started suffering from total hair loss at a very early age; and who is a part of the TMHair family…karenb4after

“I have had some form of Alopecia since I was 7 years old, and completely hairless since 1995 my senior year of HS.  I found Tom Magliaro’s Hair Restoration when I was 19 years old and it was the best self confidence boost I could ever have been given.  The hair systems are unbelievably natural looking and fit so smoothly. There are no bulky seams or edges, and I can wear my hair in just about any color/style…even a ponytail, my favorite!  I can finally look normal and feel beautiful!  The staff, well they are just AMAZING!  They  genuinely care about my needs and are eager to achieve a look that I absolutely love!  Although I am a client, from the beginning they have made me feel like a member of their family with a professional level of care.  I now live north of Austin, about 3 hours away.  Although my visits are a bit more spread out,  I will always be a client and huge fan of Tom Magilaro’s Hair Additions.”

-Karen Sorensen

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38-Year-Old, Mother of Five Gets New Head Of Hair

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual, national campaign to increase awareness of the disease. As a cancer survivor myself, I wanted to do something special for a breast cancer patient of ours. Here’s an excerpt from our press release telling about Jennifer’s story…

On January 24th, 2014, Jennifer Givens went for her routine mammogram at Katy Memorial Hermann. Ten days, one ultrasound and a biopsy later, Jennifer was informed she had T1M0N0 – cancer in her right breast.

“My first thought after receiving the news was, I don’t have time for this!” says the former Hawaiian Tropic model, now mother of five young girls. “I wanted to go straight to MD Anderson, get a plan of action and get this over with,” says Givens. “But my main concern was my five daughters and how this would affect them.”Jenniferkeepcalm

Jennifer started chemotherapy treatments, and shortly after lost all of her hair. She knew she needed a wig, but wanted something that looked natural and was similar to her own hairstyle, in hopes her children wouldn’t know the difference.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Jennifer now has a beautiful, new head of hair that looks just like her own – – thanks to Tom Magliaro, owner of TMHair – – a hair restoration clinic serving Houstonians since 1971. Using their line of custom hair “systems,” they have the ability to completely re-create her original hair style prior to her treatments – and restore her confidence during this difficult time.

As one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers in women and a cancer survivor himself, Magliaro says he is happy to help support this cause any way he can. “While patients are undergoing chemotherapy, the last thing they need to worry about is losing their hair. Our mission is to help them feel normal while undergoing treatment, and work with them on their way back to recovery. We have found that when people look better, they feel better; and that ultimately aides in their recovery process.”

“I had the best day getting pampered at Tom Magliaro’s,” says Givens when asked about her experience. “I love him and his amazing staff, and I thank them for making me feel beautiful inside and out. They were all so sweet and encouraging. What a great testimony all of them were to my girls on how to show love and kindness to those in need. I can’t thank him enough.”

The custom hair systems can match any color, density and even texture of a patients’ natural hair. The base is customized to fit each patient’s unique scalp. Unlike a factory-made synthetic wig, it is hand-made with real, human hair and treated just the same. The patient can shower, wash and style the hair as if it were their own – they can even go swimming or go to the gym.


For more information on Jennifer’s story or medical hair systems, visit

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