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8 Tips for Healthy Hair

8 Tips to Minimize Hair Loss and Maximize Healthy Shine

1. Regular cleansing of hair and scalp with a sulfate-free shampoo, washes away toxins, dirt, dust and sebum that can block follicles and normal hair growth, without drying or stripping color.

2. Rinsing thoroughly removes residue and allows hydration of the cortex layer for added strength and flexibility of individual strands.

3. Using a natural conditioner helps moisturize and detangle, while providing a barrier against environmental pollutants, sun exposure, oxidation and static electricity, that can dry, fade and weaken strands, leaving them dull and brittle.

4. Gently towel dry without twisting, using a wide tooth comb, careful not to pull or tug when hair and roots are wet and most vulnerable to breakage. Prevent additional breakage by not over brushing dry hair.

5. Avoid high heat settings on blow dryers and styling appliances, apply a styling cream or gel with protein for additional protection and styling options.

6. If hair is dry, weak or brittle, avoid chemical treatments, which can further weaken fragile strands and damage hair follicles.

7. Massaging the scalp, using your fingertips for 10 minutes, every day improves circulation to your scalp, increasing oxygen and nutrient flow for healthy follicles.

8. Maintain a healthy style by trimming edges and removing split-end damage that can weaken hair strands, contributing to breakage, dull strands, and hair loss. Your hair will look thicker and fuller, with more body and shine.






I always recommend Welker RePHreshed hair products.  The website is

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Alopecia Areata Testimonial

My clinic in Houston, Texas has been helping alopecia sufferers since 1971.  Often we receive notes of thanks and praise.  I just wanted to share one of these notes.

womens-hair-loss-restorationI came in today for a consultation because I have Alopecia Areata and was looking for ways to help my bald spots regrow.  I have been dealing with this disease since i was 8 years old and am now 34 years old.  It has been a very long, rough journey throughout my life.  I just wanted to give praise and share my good experience I had today with you, and it was all because of Leah.  She was great!  Leah made me feel comfortable and, most importantly, did not make me feel pressured on what I needed to do as far as my options are concerned.  She was very informative, sweet and helpful.  I chose, what we think, is the best option for me and I am looking forward to beginning my treatments.  Thanks so much to Leah and the staff!!  See you next week! 🙂
—  Monique C

For more information about our clinic, I invite you to visit our website at or call 713-838-1880. 

If you are suffering from hair loss and would like more information about possible causes and treatments, please download our free eBook at

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Laser Hair Therapy for Healthier Hair

Did you know Low Level Laser Hair Therapy is not limited to just patients with hair loss?  Laser therapy is also recommended to treat damaged hair and promote thicker, healthier, shinier, more manageable hair. Laser therapy is used as a maintenance program to foster and maintain a healthy head of hair.

  • Retain your hair color for a longer period of time; less visits to the pricey salon.
  • Thicken and plump up each existing strand you already have (by an average 35%); creating fuller, healthier looking hair.
  • Stimulate your scalp and follicles so your hair continues to grow healthy and at a good pace.


Learn more about how you can take advantage of Low Level Laser Hair Therapy and have fuller, healthier hair by calling us at: 713-838-1880 or fill out our free online consultation form at:

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